Aluminum Last Making Video

Hey All,

Just put together some of my recent production process video. - Aluminum Last Making (sand casting). Available in higher resolution from YouTube.



Hi Richard,

What factory is that at? It looks similar to the last factory I was at last year but cannot remember the name of it off the top of my head. I have to say, out of the whole shoe making process, the aluminium last making was one of the most impressive to me. I’ve got about 11hrs of footage in various factories, will have to find some time to cut/edit to make some videos to post.



Love this kind of stuff Richard - glad you posted

that was truly awesome. thanx. is that standard in the industry to use sand molds 2 create Al last?

as far as I know, that’s the only way to make AL lasts. At least that I’ve ever seen. The other type is plastic, which is a different process.


I suppose you could CNC one from billet, but that would likely be cost prohibitive…

cool stuff. Love the guy working barefoot, must have steel toed feet!

Also, in my experience, the aluminum lasts are used for the vulcanization process (also sometimes called autoclaving) in which rubber layers are actually bonded to the upper in an autoclave at high temperature and pressure.

Plastic lasts (which are CNC’d believe it or not) are used in the cold cement process were the upper is glued to a midsole (which can be cut and buffed EVA, injected EVA, or urethane) and rubber outsole, or to a rubber cupsole.

Thanks for posting this Richard… and the bare feet! Classic!

Glad to see he put some shoes in for pouring in the alu though! :smiley:

thanks for sharing this!! this is the type of stuff I will definitely share!!