Alternatives to shaft collars

Hi Im working on a simple low cost retail display and could use some help. I’m planning on Using birch plywood for the shelves and threading those on 1" dia tubing. For them to rest a different levels I was thinking of using shaft collars like this:

Are there any alternatives to this anyone has come across?

I know you said low cost, but I am throwing out a whole list in case it sparks the imagination.

  • Thru pins
  • Welded on collars or washers
  • Stock retaining clips -
  • The plastic sleeves on the chromed wire shelves
  • Custom retaining clips that fit a larger groove or shoulder
  • Key slots and keys with heads to support bottom of shelf
  • U-bolt saddling the tube
  • Muffler clamp
  • Pipe clamp / sleeve
  • Rope or wire lashed around the tube like a lashed joint
  • a big hose clamp

Forgot to include this one:

Seat Post clamp for bicycle:

Awesome you rock! Yes the more alternatives the better!

Thanks so much

This site may be helpful:


Never seen that before. Awesome link

Good alternatives thrown out by sprockets. I’m partial to the ones that don’t require tools, like pins and clamp solutions.

Thanks that blogspot rules!