alternatives to marker paper?

what are some paper that works well with markers besides marker paper? marker paper is rather costly and i was wondering if you guys know of any cheaper alternatives? most inkjet/copy/laser paper ive been using doesnt work that well with markers. also is there any non translucent, just plain white paper that works well?

I’ve always liked regular old office paper. Obviously you’re limited if you want to really really get detailed with it, but if you’re fast enough with the markers, or use fairly dead markers, you should get the hang of using the bleed. Then just use your marker paper 20% of the time, for the tighter, more detailed renderings. Problem solved.

Briggs + Riley marker paper. It’s heavy stock, smooth finish and cheap. Markers show up really bright and vibrant, very little bleed. The problem is that you can’t see through it to trace with at all and pencil will smear somewhat. I don’t use it much though, regular white multipurpose paper does the trick for me for quick marker sketches. Anything that’s needed tighter than that with full color, etc will get done in photoshop.

Me too! I always photo copy my sketches a few times and render them in a few color combinations…

im all about color laser paper. that letraset marker stuff is way too pricey and i dont really see any difference. I even acutally like newsprint sometimes for the bleed and feel. plus cant beat the price!

For me, about 99% of my sketches/drawings are on office paper. im too intimiated to keep a fancy sketchbook and like that i can just toss anything thats no good. been thinking of binding some loose papers together after the fact though for a quasi presentation sketchbook…

…also like those paper tableclothes they have in some restaurants. a few crayola crayons, a ballpoint and few pints always turns out some good concepts!


I hear you, my girl usually has to confiscate the crayons so I will talk…

Same here! I never liked sketchbooks, I like single sheets of bright white, laser printer paper. It hink it takes markers nicely, but some inky pens take a while to dry (smears).

Borden and Riley Bright White Layout paper is cheaper than marker paper, just translucent enought to trace through, and comes in larger sizes than laser paper. It won’t completely prevent bleeding if it gets soaked with marker.

I like drawing on office paper or tracing paper (any kind). The thing with tracing paper is that you can put down too much marker… I never lay any of my drawings with full color so that is maybe why it works for me?