Alternative to plastic injection molding

Think the degradable flower pot, made from recycled paper/cellulose, the type that dissolves over a relatively short term. I have a part that could easily be plastic injection molded but I want to get the result offered by the degradable flower pot. I have been advised that my part cannot be created using thermoforming because the design includes .5"D x 1" cylinders with a .25D void. Is there an alternative to plastic injection moulding using materials to manufacture my part and get desired results? 1. Like material found in paper based rigid packaging; 2. If exposed to water, will slowly degrade over a 6-8 month period; 3. Could contain optional additives. Thanks in advance. These guys injection mold paper. Pretty cool stuff

… the design includes .5"D x 1" cylinders with a .25D void.

so basically, a thick-walled tube.

The magic words no one has said yet are “molded pulp” or “molded paper.” This is the process you should look for.

Conventional molded pulp parts would just degrade according to the typical rotting of molded paper, though; it’s not really a novel “bio” material (though much better than styrene!) You’d have to talk to the producer to investigate new “green” options.

Guess you didn’t read my reply hatts…

Sorry I wanted to add specifically what the material is called in key words, instead of just the concept of molding paper

Thanks to all for your time and expertise. On the thick walled tube, yes, very much so but 8-10 connected on a solid ring at the size of 1" X 1/2". Not sure if this can be done. I will look into the possibilities of molded paper. If there is any other material than paper, I would be open to those suggestions. thx again.