Alternative to ID Schooling

I wanted to do industrial design and was accepted into carnegie’s and Aurburn’s program(the only two I applied to). However I couldn’t afford out of state tuition so I stayed instate and am doing computer science wich I hate but I am unusually gifted at. I was wondering if there was another major I might enjoy more that is offered at a Maryland Public university preferably UMD. My Academic advisor in CompSci gives me a hard time because he doesn’t think what I am doing is “right” if I don’t enjoy my under graduate degree. I hope you guys know of something I can do that might spark my intrest as much as ID did. thanks

Take a class in your school’s architecture department if you can. Also, have you taken an art history class? My art history class only touched on ID for one semester but that class really taught me a lot about art (compositional devices, formal elements).

Stesani has good advice.

I would also encourage you to keep developing your skills on your own, outside of school.
A later Grad program in ID after you finished your current studies might be something to work towards.

Doesn’t MICA have an ID program?

I was there in 08, They didn’t have one then I am quite sure. In CS or anything really play, experiment, build, hack, mod, find your passion and run wild with it. What is it that you want to do for 72 hours straight with hardly a break and no sleep? What will you be happy to do for three days and no sleep? CS could easily have you on the route to a masters program for ID, but it is all up to you to make it work out that way.

Thank you for the words of encouragement, I will no doubt continue to design on my own it’s something I’ve been doing for a long time and won’t give up on. MICA has some nice programs that could easily relate to ID however their tuition is $39,340 dollars is out of my budget. I have taken allot of art classes so I am good in that respect I am even considering an Art Minor possibly.

To Yo; about MICA - great school, but no ID program.

To Theolh; An old boss of mine (the VP of ID @ Black&Decker) started an ID program at Towson that you could check into, but I believe it has been abandoned.

I attended Univ of MD many years ago but for a business degree, and the most ‘artsy’ campus they had was Baltimore County (College Park was the least artsy). I ended up sucking up the cost and going to CCS in Detroit for my ID degree.

I can’t see where in Maryland you are, but you’re welcome to shoot me an email, give me a ring and/or stop by our studio for a chat if I can be of help with your search.