All You Can't Eat Design contest by WearIT - Milan, Italy

Be the one who carries out the designs for our new line of t-shirts and clothing! We decided to choose our artworks through a contest, open to anyone who likes to accept the challenge!

The competition starts Friday, March 9th 2012; the social networks will choose the 2 winning designs, and we will produce, promote and distribute them! As simple and appealing as that.

Put your minds and hands on it, send us your ideas, and let the challenge begin!

From Friday, March 9th until Friday, April 6th 2012 send us your designs, spread the word among your friends, promote yourself and get voted with a like ! On Sunday, April 1st the ones who will have more likes will just be the winners! (we told you it was simple)

Wearit is an Italy-based company whose core business is production of official merchandising for bands. We printed and distributed all over Europe the official merch of such artists as Ben Harper, Gogol Bordello, Avenged Sevenfold, Yellowcard among many others.

Once we will have the two winning designs, we will produce the t-shirts and put them up for sale through our brand-new online store, various European mailorders, and walk-in stores.
For the online launch of the All You Can’t Eat store, tees will be on sale for the convenient price of 10€ + shipping costs, and our designers will receive a nice royalty on any single sale!

So now the recipe has all its ingredients and contest’s ready kids! Hurry up!

You will find detailed info on how to participate to our competition at this link

OK, if you are here it does mean that you are interested in participating to the ALL YOU CANT EAT competition. So here you go with few but important rules:

1 – send your amazing designs (up to 3 for each participant) to this email
a) the proposed artworks must not be, under no circumstances, offensive or insulting to people, institutions or companies, and must not infring copyright or trademarks or other registered works; WearIT reserves the right to exclude from the competition any design that manifestly violates the mentioned criteria
b) the Designer takes full legal responsability over the designs he proposes
c) the design may be conceived to fit different sizes, but it will need to have a maximum dimension of 29.7 (l) x 42 (h) cm (i.e.: within A3 format) ; you may conceive it on a blank t-shirt of the colours you can download at this link:
d) the Design will need to have a maximum of three (3) printing colours
e) the design will need to be sent in a JPG format, presented in a mock-up format (sample t-shirt with your design on); please use the mock-up that you can download at this link:
2 – we will post them on our official facebook page
3 – the designs will be voted; WearIT commits to promote the contest to the best of its ability
4 – on Friday, April 6th 2012 the contest will be closed off and the winners will be announced publicly ; the only criterion for winning the competition will be the votes (likes) on the official facebook page.
5 – the winners will be contacted directly by WearIT, who will send an agreement to the designers to formalize the production and use of the design. Please note that the drawings will remain exclusive property of the designers.
6 – within 15 days from the end of the contest: WearIT will liaise with the designer to coordinate actual production of the t-shirts (we will need hi-res layered files of your design, etc.); production will be carried out assuring high-quality standards of the finished products.
7 – the Designer will NOT incur any costs related to production, promotion, distribution of the t-shirts, nor he will need to pay any registration fee to participate to the contest.
8 – the Designer will receive a royalty upon each unit sold, equal to 10% of the net sales price. Are you wondering what’s “net” ? As an example, on a t-shirt sold for 10€ on ALL YOU CANT EAT online store, PayPal and/or credit cards providers will retain a fee of approx. 0,70€ ; your royalty will then be calculated as 10% of 9,30€.

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