All-in-One Machine (Scanner, Fax, Printer, Copier)


I would like to buy an all-in-one machine ( a machine that functions as a scanner, printer, fax machine and a copy machine) but am uncertain what I should buy based on my needs. I would like a wireless-capable machine that allows for me to be able to scan sketches and bring these sketches into Illustratror and Photoshop to render. Should I be getting a machine that has a scanner with a certain dpi in order to do this? In general, what is the best machine for doing graphics work that’s economical (i.e. HP, Lexmark, etc.?)

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Dell precision M6300 laptop. That’s the bad-est ass laptop on the market. Get it with XP tho because Vista is a ball hog. Stupid cheap too. Search Dell Referb for an even better deal.