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So I go to a national fast-food burger chain and order the standard hamburger. When I open the wrapper, by habit now I remove the top of the bun to check on the distribution of condiments. To no surprise I find that the lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayo, etc aren’t apread out over the entire area of the burger. Instead they are all in one big lump in the center.

Is it too much to ask for the schlepp working the burger line to take an extra second to at least attempt some degree of evenness?

yes it is.
there is a reason they aren’t called “burger artists” like subway which takes its time to make a sub and call their slaves “sandwich artists”

Personally, the reason why I would go to a fast food restaurant is when I want something big and fast, not quality. So I don’t get why some people get so fussy about their missing slice of tomato or pickle or ketchup.

I think people complain because they promote their food in a certain way, but serve it in another. You see this great looking burger or whatever on the picture or commercial, but when you open the bag it is a smooshed ball off garbage most of the time.

I’m not talking about a missing slice of anything or even the quality. spreading the condiments out or not doesn’t change the quality of the burger, it just means that I don’t have to do it when I get it. I highly doubt it takes any longer to distribute the fixings quasi-evenly than to just smash them all in a pile in the center of the bun.

Well, I guess it goes back to “you get what you paid for” thing. Sometimes it’s not how much you are paying, it’s how much they burger makers are receiving. For $5~6 an hour, what do you expect? Especially during peak hours when the kitchen is in a state of chaos, I won’t expect much from them.

Like Bbarn said, it’s about expectation. So my expectation of fast food is different from yours, and yours is different from what you get. I guess you may feel better next time when you adjust your expectation, and may be you will be surprised.

There is this BK branch at a pretty decent neighborhood which I went to a few times. Everytime I walk in I had some kind of expectation based on it’s location, but it’s always disappointing. Then for a while I was in another neighborhood, not nearly as nice, but somehow I always find the chicken hot and juicy and the fries done just the way I like it, and the veges in the burger fresh.

There was another time when I stopped at one of those rest stops along NY thruway for lunch. You would think that the McDonald’s will be more ready and act quicker, but only one cashier station was open and the entire crew team couldn’t keep up with that one cashier station’s orders. I wasted 30min at the line. Well, to think that I had 12 hrs of driving ahead of me, 30min meant a lot to me.

So I am those type where fastfood is just a “grab and go” experience. And if I am able to receive that “grab and go” experience, I am happy with it.

Don’t know how to answer your questions but, do have another question-

Ever work flipping burgers?

Good book maybe to read is ‘Fast Food Nation’- came out about 4 years ago.

Not to change the topic too much, but do you ever wonder how much “stuff” misses the shell/tortilla at a national taco chain? (starts with Taco and rymes with smell)

They have this really sleek stainless trough to slide the orders through and then there is this “hole” for all the stuff that missed.

They could use the it for mystery combo burritos or something.

It must be Friday…

I always liked Taco Bells innovative use of caulking guns for the application of condiments.

if making burgers is a manufacturing process, maybe something to solve this would be patentable.

if only i could get my burger and fries out of a caulk gun. that would be great.

Wrap sandwiches sort of solve this whole problem, no? They are all just smashed together. Why not a wrap burger? The patty would be bigger and thinner so you could roll it up, or chopped. Anybody good at food want to try this one? BIZ IDEA.

I used to make cheeseburger wraps for myself on lunch breaks from my cook job back in my college days…they are pretty good.

my guess is that it’s all lumped in the center so after a day or so of waiting for somebody to buy it, all the condoments don’t start oozing out the sides and into the wrapper

A mashed up sandwich is one thing, but when it has congealed ketchup squished around in the wrapper is a whole 'nuther ballgame… I bet people wouldn’t go for that