all i want is one enormous room (near pratt)

looks like I have made it to Pratt MID!!! but now come many things to worry for. I guess some of you can answer this question. what is the best option to stay for a pratt student.And if i want a one bedroom appartment where do I look for one???

You can look in Local Newspapers, NY Times, Village Voice, School message boards in every departments, bus stops, the wall right next to Apple Art Store where many locals post rooms and job infos.

You can also stay in dorm. This might be expensive but easy way to live.
People who I know mostly share their apts with other people. Those who have more bling bling$$, they spend about $1100-1400 for a single bedroom or a studio near the school.

The best time to find the room is a month before the semester ends.
This is the time when people started to go back and have to give up their rooms.

Oh, another option is live in Queens, Jersey City, Hoboken or somewhere in Manhattan <there are still ghetto areas $$ are affordable and rooms are huge>

Good luck.

You’ve probably already seen this, but the walls on the first floor of Steuben Hall and Pratt Studios are crammed with ads for students seeking roomates – worth a check. The neighborhood around Pratt is actually pretty good value (relatively speaking) and it gets radically cheaper as you head east into Bed-Stuy. Almost everyone I knew in the MID program lived off-campus, but withing walking distance of school.

Also, check out:

The best place to look is craigs list.

Thanx for all the replies! craiglist surely is helpful.

i wanted to know howmuch time does it take to commute to pratt frome queens and do you have to take subways or are buses available??

If you drive from Queens in No-traffic hour, it will take you less than 20 min. If you take a subway, it will take around 30min. I am not sure about the buses.

That sort of depends on where in Queens – it’s a pretty big place. Only part of Queens I can think of that’s within a half hour of Pratt by subway is Long Island City. Which ain’t too bad. True it looks like a post-apocalyptic industrial park, but its got great transit links, the rent’s not so bad, and there are plenty of art studios and cool museums scattered about.

how did you hear from Pratt? I have gotten nothing in the mail yet, and Pratt was my top choice.

I recieved an e-mail from pratt.


ride the subway- cheaper and drier mostly

say hi to lenny

When did you find out? did you have an interview?

About the “enormous” part… Is that really a priority – to have a large room? If so you will have a little harder time than you would trying to find a regular apartment. If you really want the loft thing, look at Red Hook. It’s on the G-line (subway) so you can go straight to Pratt and the lofts are cheaper than just about anywhere else. You have to be pretty cavlier about living in a gritty urban neighborhood, though. I would go with a smaller apartment in the Pratt area.

hey Ianvv that ‘enormous’ was just to attarct readers!!! the smallest of all wud seem a palace to me…neways thanx

don’t forget that you will probably be spending most of your time in the studio, so living close by seems to be a priority to most of the students.

craigslist i thoguht would be the best bet, but when i was looking there it was riddled with real estate agents and all of their brokerage fees! coming from outside of the nyc area, that brokerage fee is a killer.

i’m with a previous poster, i haven’t heard from pratt and it is my first choice. so i’m a bit jealous of you! good luck finding a place- shares are normally much much more economical but the idea of a roomate is killing me, don’t know about your thoughts.

hey ve2go,
ive also coming into the MID program next year and looking out for a place.
It would be great to live with fellow ID-passionists. Maybe we could have a chat and see if we can figure somthing out.
one prerequisite though, - you have to love the Far-Side!

my friends lived around the block from pratt… didn’t go there though. but their place was the biggest i’ve ever seen in new york. 16 foot ceilings, too much space to manage, and they each paid ~600 a month, had 4 people living there, 3 medium bedrooms. i’ll go find out the name of the street.