all cofidential projects!

I’ve been working as an industrial for big multinational for the last 2 years and I’ looking for a new job but all the projects I worked on are confidential. I feel like I have the same portfolio as when I finished school and I don’t know if it’s going to look weak in an interview.

What’s your opinion? if anyone has suggestions on what I could put in my portfolio to show my improved skills, that would be greatly appreciated.


You definately have to be careful. As a general rule of thumb, I always thought it a good idea to tough things out until some of those advanced projects become more real, and thus can add parts and pieces to portfolio’s.

Obviously, the drawback is that if the date of release is too far off, it can really affect your output and life. Footwear is generally a 18 months out, but maybe 12 before it’s released for sales samples or tech shows.

Not sure if I helped with anything here, but I feel for you. In somewhat of the same boat myself- you’re not alone. Good Luck.

When I was hired for my current job - I couldn’t show them anything that I was working on visually at my old company. They understood it and asked me to produce various concepts for them proving my skillset.

In order to get in the door with some visual aids - try creating a few teasers - showcase a CAD model or sketches.