Alienware Success Story

Was going to throw this on the blog, but I’ve got a few in cue waiting for my Crazy Egg test to end. Good story: Alienware Racks Up Gamers…. From the article:

He was an information technology manager at a small post-production company and Aguila was a medical technician with little business experience, so they didn’t think they’d get too far.

“Initially the expectation was 50 machines a month, maybe a 100, and we don’t have to work for anybody,” said Gonzalez, the company’s CEO.

They got a favorable review of their first machine by a magazine now known as Maximum PC. The next review was even more flattering: the magazine PC Gamer liked Alienware’s work so much that an editor didn’t want to send the computer back, Gonzalez said.

From that time on, sales multiplied as they borrowed Dell’s direct sales model to eliminate retailers. Alienware’s buzz among gamers grew as it released turbocharged PCs with sleek UFO-themed designs with cases that resemble alien heads and have flashing lights in their eyes.

I haven’t done a PC housing in a long time. Would be fun to try something again.

Success breeds envy… and then a buyout?

Those Alienware computers are expensive.

New M17x is out! … shameless plug :slight_smile:
It turns out that high-end gaming PCs are excellent for ID. Lots of RAM for complex CAD files, fast multi-core processors for rendering… screaming video cards really help with CS4 (especially Photoshop and After Effects!)

Meh, never thought they were worth the cash, you can build a rig to beat the pants off those things for half the price or less…

and your a designer though right? wow.

You guys are going some great stuff! Pretty killer. I like that little mp3 syncing area on the dell desktops, and that XPS gaming desktop I think is one of the nicest things they have done (it’s huge in person though! I know its got a lot of stuff in there…)

This shot of it closed is total money. I love it.
Picture 1.png