Does anyone know if the Alienware range of notebooks/ desktops are any good for extreme Rhino. Solidworks and 3D max uasge?

Hi iDer,

I have had an alienware 51m for 2 years now and it rocks for solidworks. I have a P4 3GHz and a Gig of ram (though I wish it were 2) and so far the system on chokes on ass’y over 2000 parts (even then it slows down and crunches a bit). Haven’t had a major lock and crash.

I had a great experience with their service and the system has been flawless. The battery life isn’t great (about 2 hours) but I generally work with a wall socket close by. I wish I could buy a 7700 but I just can’t justify upgrading as what I have still does the job.

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If you’re looking at Alienware, and care about price, get a Sager notebook instead. They are the same notebook. The laptops themselves are made by the Clevo, who then sends them to Alienware, Sager, Falcon Northwest, Hypersonic, etc. The hardware is identical. The only difference is the paint job. Little known secret.

However, if you have your heart set on an Alienware, and have the money for it, by all means, splurge (or really splurge and get a custom paint job on a Falcon Notebook). However, if you want to save a few bucks, get a Sager from PC Torque, Powernotebooks, or Sager’s main site.

Also, if you want some serious rendering power, don’t forget to change the video card to the nVidia Quatro. It’s more expensive, but better for rendering. However, if you don’t want to spend the extra cash, and game a bit, go for the GeForce. It will have plenty of power.

If you have serious cash and need serious capabilities check out BOXX Technologies

Thanks a lot guys, youve been really helpful, i will review the other notebooks and see what happens!

Keep in mind, too, that in most cases, the processor dictates the rendering times and the graphics card controls the smoothness of modeling. It’d be a good idea to figure out which of these is most important to you if you can’t afford to max out both of those components.

I’d recommend looking at systems with dual core AMD processors if you can spring for them, particularly if you don’t want to waste time on renders.

Funny you should mention that, because I could tell immediately that Boxx is also a Clevo brand. Don’t know if they add any extra spice, but it doesn’t look like they do.

Sager ( or for that matter, ANY Clevo brand), now offers the dual core AMD X2 processors, so you can really splurge on power if you want.

If you could be a little more specific (actually, be really specific if you can) as to your price range and specific needs (is it for work or just school) we could probably help you a lot more.

ive been looking at the same computers and comparing them. bottom line… alienware delivers more for less and boxx can make your dreams come true.