hello all

I have been wanting to evaluate Alias’ studiotools 12 as a tool that I can use in the industrial design process. I currently take concepts through to reality on Pro/E wildfire2.

My question is this, how good is it, and is it worth it if I have pro/e?
How well does it integrate with CAD packages like pro/e?
Ideally what tool should be used when, studio for concepts and pro/e for design (ME stuff).

Cheers all, enjoy your weekend


download the free evaluation version. see the thread in Software & Technology forum.

and depending on the forms, you may or may not need an organic modeling tool. fit the tool to the job.

It all depends on how proficient you are at Wildfire. If you can handle surfacing and ISDX then Alias may not be that much better. But I would recommend you look at Alias ImageStudio, it allows you to bring Pro/E assemblies, assign shaders and create renderings. And it’s much cheaper than Studio Tools.

Is studiotools not way more powerful and versatile than ISDX?