Alias vs Maya

Ok same company but what industrial designers are using polygons to prove form in Maya? You know, convert to Sub’d and Nerbs then to Solidworks or Pro/E for engineering? Just curious. I noticed this trend a while back. Just curious to hear from those that may have perfected these techniques.

As far as I know, nobody really uses Maya as much for modelling. I designed a car in Maya using Sub D’s, mostly because there were a lot of changes made throughout the process and poly modelling gave me the ability to rapidly make complex changes that would take much longer to do with surfaces.

You can see some of the poly and subD work here:

I wouldn’t really trust Maya for anything that needs to be dimensionally accurate, but for organic forms and rendering its great. Sub D’s when converted to nurbs typically give fairly complex and messy surface results.

I’ve been doing this for a while:

Currently applying it to captured data:

Prims Gone Solid | reBang (note, those shapes don’t start as polygons but as parametric primitives; they’re converted to tri’s for rendering and at that time culled from the videostream).

I’ve used polygons for some regular ID work, but only for concept work. Then again, I’ve only used Alias Studio and Maya nurbs for concepts. Always rebuild finals in Pro/E.