Alias Tutorial Help

Hey guys,

I’m trying to do the F2.8 tutorial built into alias, which is all about menu markers. When they hold down SHIFT+CTL, in the tutorial they have 4 options, one of which is turn CVs on. When I hold down SHIFT+CTL, I have about 8 options, none of which are what’s shown in the video. My install is fresh and new, why doesn’t it line up with what I’m seeing in the video?


The marking menus are customizable, I’m not familiar with that tutorial but two things are possible:

-You are holding down the wrong mouse button (Ctrl+Shift+Right click will display “Controls on” which turns on CV’s) in the standard configuration.

-The tutorial is being done using the new “Simplified marking menus” option.

Hopefully this article gives you the help you need: