hey guys.

need all of your professional opinions NOW. hahaha.

i’m currently looking to purchase either Studiotools or Rhino for the ID team.

Which product would you recommend?

in terms of cost and quality, I’m sure Studiotools is a more powerful programme.
However, i’ve heard of companies working fine on Rhino.

Whats the difference and, ultimately, which product will give me the best bang for the buck at the end of the day?

or should i go with another software like Solidworks instead?


Looking forward to get feedback for you all.

hey there, couple of suggestions,

  1. give the ‘search’ function a try. this discussion, as well as many other similar ones, have already taken place on this board many times… there is some good information mixed in with some silliness.

  2. you could speak to the “ID team” that you are purchasing this design tool for… i would hazard a guess that they might have some astute thoughts on which software they would prefer to be working with.

  3. after having done those two, if you still don’t have a sense of what you need then you could fill us in on some details of what it is that you might want to do with the software you are purchasing… what sort of a design shop you are running… what sort of deliverables you are hoping to produce etc.

armed with this knowledge someone on this list might be able to give you suggestions beyond the usual " i use this software so you should too" variety.