alias studiotools 13. making a porsche 911 GT2 wire. help?

i have to learn how to make an alias wire of a porsche 911 GT2 asap.
can anyone provide me with links to previous wire models, any help is much appreciated!
this is the first time i have ever modeled a vehicle in studiotools.
i need to surface it aswell as i can, using as few curves as possible to keep the surfaces as smooth as possible. i do not need to render it fully, i just need to get an overall 3d model that looks like the porsche.

if you just need to have a 3d model of a 911 then buy it online. here’s one at turbosquid but it is polygonal, not nurbs. get the obj version, that should import into studio.

if you’re just looking to make a quick and dirty model to get the proportions close then model using a sphere over some images imported into studio. pushing and pulling on cv’s of a sphere, then inserting more isoparms and increasing the detail as you go will help you get a quick, dirty model.

if you want to model like the real cad modelers doing real car surfaces, good luck. don’t know many tutorials online for any software on this topic. i can send you a model of a different car done in alias if you’d like, just email me at sweisbard at comcast dot net.

yes unfortunately i have to do it the way the real cad modelers make them, with proper surfaces in studiotools.
and i have yet to find any good tutorials too!
i shall just have to try my best and hope i do ok.