Alias Studio training

I am fresh out of school, but I am really interested in working in cad (believe it or not). What would you recommend on improving my skills? Are there specific classes that I can take (in site or online?) Any in the Washington DC area? Cheers!

PS, I’ve searched google and the like, but pickings are pretty slim! Does anyone have any personal experience?

I don’t think there is much in terms of CAID training for industrial designers in our country much less in the DC area. It is however the design engine niche … as we receive a wide variety of designers from all over the world to Chicago for specific training related to product design. Mostly however we get the engineers looking to work with designers however we still get a fair percentage of id’ers for specific or customized training programs. We also have the ‘master database’ for helping those looking to obtain employment in both design firms and/or manufactures.

and if you do make it out to Chicago I will make sure you interview as much as possible while your here! And hit a few IDSA networking or social gatherings if the month allows. Chicago economy seams strong as ever from my and our students perspective…