Alias Studio Tools tutorials

Hi all,

After using Rhino for 2 yrs, today I made the transition from Rhino to Alias.

Does anyone know where I can find some good tutorials to help with my learning? Websites, etc.

I’m a product designer working on consumer electronics.



There are some good tutorials on the Alias website, but I think you need to subscribe to their support. I found some “Learning Studiotools” dvd’s on Ebay cheap. I think they’re offered on the Autodesk website and your local friendly Alias reseller. Good fundamental stuff, but as a lot of people will tell you, it’s a learn as you go type of thing.

Why did you switch to Alias from Rhino?

Thanks Clyde.

The majority of the studio use Alias hence the change.

I’ve heard Alias is better at filleting and building bi-rails. At the moment, the interface seems very strange and inferior to Rhino’s but I guess only time will tell.


Alias is easier, but the learning curve is steeper. There should be some tutorials that come with StudioTools. I think under help-tutorials or something. The PDFs and help files that come with Alias are incredible…I consider them the best in the business.

Other than official Alias tutorials, they are rare. You can check out the Alias users group. It’s not very active, but there might be something useful there. It’s not easy to find on google, but I’ll post it tonite.

In addition to what has been mentioned already, here are a few more:

Fridolin T. Beisert wrote a book last year that focuses on AliasStudio.

My rendering-focused AliasStudio DVD is available from The Gnomon Workshop at

Gnomon also recently released another AliasStudio DVD, authored by a sculptor at GM, that is focused on modeling. It can be found at

I started putting together a blog with several links to Alias and other skills-based design sites earlier this year. I haven’t done much with it lately, but there are several links there as well.

The AliasStudio documentation is excellent and can be found online at Autodesk | 3D Design, Engineering & Construction Software

Be patient with the Alias interface. It is highly customizable and is very effective once you gain some experience. I agree that it seems very strange at first.

I hope this helps.

I’ve been playing with rhinos for a few years looking to expand my modeling horizons as well.

thanks all

Good looking out dustin, I think these links should be pretty helpful!
check out Links & Download… :unamused:

Here’s another one. Newly launched and (hopefully) sure to grow. The official Alias community site at Autodesk:

THanks ADD, that’s the one I had in mind!

Thanks everyone!

Can anyone help with the following (I’ve also created a separate post for it:

Hi all,

I’m moving from Rhino to Alias Studio Tools but I’m using both in this early stage. 'm having trouble importing Rhino IGS files into Alias Studio Tools. I’m getting the following error report:

Error detected during translation, IGES file was not retrieved

In Rhino, I’ve exported as default IGS, Alias V8.x IGS and STEP, but still no joy. Can anyone help? Do I need a plug-in?