Alias Studio Tools 13 Shortcuts?

Hey, I’m learning how to design using Alias Studiotools for a project at uni.

I have been searching like mad for a list of Alias Studiotools hotkeys or shortcuts all on a page like a reference style layout.

For example like this one for photoshop

If anyone can point me in the right direction it will be greatly appreciated!

sorry, nothing in the help files i could find now. but your specific hot keys are located at

“C:\Documents and Settings<your-login-name>\Application Data\Alias\StudioTools\UserPrefs12.0”

in the “_AliasHotKeys.scm” file. open it with a text editor such as notepad. it looks bad but you can shortly reduce it to the relevant info with judicious use of find/replace.

this assumes, of course, that you’re using windows and that your documents and settings folder is on the c drive, and that your version of alias keeps the config files the same way as mine, a not unreasonable assumption.

if you are locked out due to some university policy then repost and i can post a short list of shortcuts on this thread.

go to


you can assign your own hotkeys to pretty much eerything. I’ve found the default Alias ones to be pretty arbitrary…

The default list can be found via Help > Modifier Keys.