Alias Studio tool 10.0 question for Duplication->Mirror

Hi to many Alias Experts,
I need help as soon as possible please

I’m currently working on Alias Studio10, and I’m a pure biginner.
Somehow unlike my Trial version of Studio tool 11, my Studio Tool 10.0 doesn’t have Edit->Duplicate->Mirror function.
When I used it in the school computer lab, there was this Mirror duplication in the menu as a Duplicate option…but not my student version that’s in my computer.
So, Is there a way that either I can turn this function visible,
or is there some other way to mirror duplicating an object??

Any tips will be great
Thank you/

haven’t used Studio since 9.0, but think what you want to do is go to Duplicate and set your scale to -1 in the appropriate box (there will be three - one for x-, y-, and z-axes).

should do the trick.

Turn long menus ON (Preferences > Menus > Long Menus) to see the Mirror fucntion in the Edit > Duplicate menu.

Preferences > Interface > Hotkeys/Menus to edit the functions that are visible in short menus mode.