Alias Studio on Mac - who's interested.... how bout now ?

like to address the question that was asked back in 2002 (11-18-2002, by macStudio) since Mac now has 20 % of UK market… has the new quad processor setup etc…is a nice stable (more or less) platform…

Alias Studio on Mac - who’s interested?

Unlikely now that Autodesk owns Alias.


Yeah I was worried Autodesk might not even consider this, It would be intresting to see though, as Alias Maya already cater for various platforms including OSX, i noticed the other day that even Pro/E is now available on OSX which I thought would never happen.

i noticed alias has not updated the qualification charts for studio on hp-ux or sun solaris since version 11. i wonder if v12 was ever released for those platforms, and if future versions for those platforms will ever come out.

having maya rewritten for/ported to os x doesn’t benefit studio since the two software packages only have a few small pieces in common (cad data translator in maya came from studio). i believe the people developing the two packages are still two separate groups as well, so the human expertise isn’t inside the studio group either.

if aliasdesk saw new people buying studio simply because it was available on mac they’d port it, but their answer in the past has been that most buyers will get a windows machine if they really decide they need studio. they won’t port if the only benefit is for current customers to move licenses from windows to mac for free.

looking at the near term i’d say chances of seeing a mac port are low since apple is going intel next year. why would alias release a port to os x/ppc if that isn’t the future, and why would they release a port on os x/intel if there were very few machines in customer hands to run it, and if the drivers for video cards were still being worked out (which undoubtedly will take some time to figure out, just like with nvidia cards and opengl on os x/ppc did at the time maya/os x was first released).

here’s a reason…good taste. Can’t know what kind of response they’ll get until they try. And i’m sure they’ve got enough cash-flow for a wild and crazy experimental project like Alias-Studio on OSX (woooaaahhhhhh, far out idea man!!) So, in the mean time i’ll be selling my PC that i bought a few months ago to run Alias and SW and “getting by” with Modo, SolidThinking, Cobalt, and Sketchup on my Macs. Just couldn’t handle WinXP after being a mac user so long. It’s sloppy, clumsy and doesn’t meet my standards as a creative professional. Call me a snob if you like.

When developers write software for OSX on Intel, they also write for PPC by default. Also, all of the software for OSX PPC will run on OSX Intel, albeit a little bit slower than it might on higher-end PPC systems. So, if Autodesk had an OSX Intel version in the works, they would also be serving the PPC folks.

I’d say that the biggest reason Autodesk wouldn’t make an OSX version of Studio is that the Intel Macs will be able to boot Windows (maybe even run Windows from within OSX, Virtual PC-style) and therefore people with the Intel Macs could just buy a Windows license and run it on their OSX machines.

I like Maya and get by with it pretty well. Studio isn’t the first 3d app that I would like to see on Mac. Solidworks and other engineering-type packages are probably the biggest hole in design software for OSX.

Pro Engineer on OSX? Has anyone tried this? Any significant errors?

I am very interested as Cobalt is getting me more and more frustrated.

Unfortunately the full Pro/ENGINEER does not appear to e available on Mac, althugh pro/CONCEPT is - the conceptual modeler.

I have not had the priviledge of testing it out, but thought you’d like to know.


Until the CAM people take the MAC seriously, the CAD houses will not be in a rush to join up. I know it’s a vicious circle but everything 3D eventually has to be made real. Even the gamers export their models for the toy companies to mash out of plastic. Apple made a serious mistake by pushing only in the DTP arena. Notice how iPod did not reach critical mass until they made it PC-compatible. This is also the problem with Linux. It is not reaching into the applications that run in the corporate world. The one market that actually pays for its software.


running studio over any emulation layer will probably produce insufficient performance, whether it be ppc code on os x x86, virtual pc on os x x86, whatever. i don’t rule this out, but i remain dubious as to the competitiveness of such a setup. since studio is for the most part single threaded it doesn’t really matter how many cores are available, studio only utilizes one (except powercast/trace and direct render while working in the interactive package).

i agree that windows xp is a polished turd of w2k spawn and that os x simply works better, and i’ll go further to say that irix had the gui and shell scripting that os x is finally surpassing now, but that doesn’t make any difference if nobody in upper management at aliasdesk is convinced there’s enough money to be made selling studio on os x x86. roi: make a business case; the days of releasing something on a whim to see what the market does are long over at alias.

but i do also hope they run the numbers and os x x86 looks like a profitable sector… since sketchbook pro is already ported and will certainly jump to os x x86 i look forward to the rest of studio joining the party too.

or can we look forward to a new design software core architecture that is built from the ground up with scripting and history from the start… kinda like maya in 1996? one that uses mental ray instead of sticking us for $1500 extra? ah, nuts.