Alias studio on Imac?

Is any of you actually using alias on an Imac(with windows vista 32)? In my case, it seems to work ok but it doesnt show the diagnostic shading nor the shade modes, I believe this could be because of the graphics card (ati mobility radeon hd 2600 xt).

I had this vision in my mind where I could get rid of my work station and start using alias on an imac flowlessly but I think this wont happen…

Is anyone experiencing the same problem?, can this be fixed easily( I am new in the mac world)?

When you say it doesn’t show - you don’t even see the icons, or you try to toggle on hardware shade and nothing happens?

ATI drivers are crap in general for 3D work, could be a driver issue (try updating) but that card has very little horsepower behind it as is.

I see the icons but when I press the zebra icon for example, the shading does not show on my wireframe.

Try updating your video drivers and see if it helps, but the card itself is unsupported so it may just not be able to handle it.


I had good luck using community modified drivers. Certain features that are off on lower end cards can be turned on. You’ll also get a performance boost. I always used the drivers by omega. Haven’t been in windows for a few years though. Try looking here:

EDIT: I was just looking through these and they haven’t been updated in a while as far as I can see. hmmm

  1. You mean an iMac? Alias is out on Macs btw, and you can get a student copy for free (just pretend you are one). Running it natively beats dual-booting/virtual machining. If you’re on VM (VMware or Parallels), that might be why diagnostic shading’s not turned on.

  2. Why are you still using Vista? Windows 7 is much faster, better to use, and more awesome than Vista. DEFINITELY worth the upgrade. Although if it’s a company issued computer, I guess it’ll be tough.

Just some thoughts totally not related to your question. Sorry about that.

  • I have tried updating the GC driver with the ones offered at gusru 3d but I have the same problem still.
  • Regarding the VM or parallels, how can I check this and switch it?
  • I am curious to see the mac version for Alias, maybe using it on the imac with mac OS will solve the shaders issue?..