Alias Studio HELP!


once i select to work in “Auto design” and then go to the interface…i click new.once i do that, the quad view all show up with no grid…Also, in the promt line when i select “scale” i get “enter scale (REL)” what does “REL” mean? can i change it? i cant find anything about it…can some one PLEASE tell me how? i am fairly to alias all help would be great.

thanks n adv

  1. Go through the Alias tutorials that are included with Studio tools, it will answer these questions and more.

  2. To turn the grid on go to view - view grid (I think). You can also hit the box next to the choice to open a dialog box that lets you adjust the spacing of the grid.

  3. (rel) means relative. (abs) means absolute. I think that relative will scale the object based on its current size, even if it has been modified. Absolute will scale based on original size. Just play with it. You switch between the two by typing “A” or “r” enter.

thanks for the help. i managed to get it.

thanks again