Alias sketchbook vs. corel painter

désaccord des titains!!!So what do people like more. I enjoy the spiny feature on corel but sketchbook was made for a tablet (witch I use). I really do not like how people who suck at drawing in real life can be halfway decent using corel. But I guess I have pride in my work. What dose everybody else use? and why do you like it?

Sketchbook - the great UI makes up for the lack of features.

Sketchbook Pro is a great program. You need to view it as digital paper with layers. If you take that approach, it wil treat you great.

If you already have the tablet, it is worth the $200. :smiley:

Sketch I did last night on the plane from SFO-ATL.

Shot at 2008-02-27

I have several more native SBPro images at my coroflot site below.

Hi everyonoe!!!

For sketch i normally use alias skectbook and i think this is one of the most friendly softs for design and creative disciplines i know with the clean and easy to understand UI… plus a tablet, the things we can sketch provides a lot of fun and satisfaction.

Pros ASbook:

Easy to understand
Easy to use
Provides (in my experience), a lot of fun

The GUI is so lovely in Alias, so when i use another soft with a more basic and classic GUI i feel in “problems” and maybe i get a little mad with “Arcaic” GUI’s.

If the tablet isn’t a Cintq or another device that allow the user to see what the user sketch as the same way as “classic method” (paper and pen or pencil"), maybe the early sketches could be a little rude.

To basic illustration in the digital way i use Adobe photoshop CS2, i have also tested with Corel Painter and is great too, but i think Painter is more oriented for artistic aproaches. also Photoshop provides a wide range of tools for editing images ( i didn’t test really deep Painter because i’m glad whith adobe soft).

But also we have to consider that the aim of Alias skectbook pro is … sketching, and painter is for … paint… in a digital way. So cmake a comparision between this sorftwares is a little strange to me…

Interesting post!!!

I use an Intuos 3 so Painter works better for me at a desktop. Rotating canvas is very important on Wacom tablet.
If I were using a tablet PC or cintiq- I would definitely use SB Pro.

I’m with Master Blaster on using a Intous3. I have used the cintiqs but they are a little pricey for me right now. If your using a tabletPC pick up a cake decorating plater, they have barrings with a fairly wide diameter, so you can spin your laptop. Sound dumb but I’ve done that with PS and it worked well.

Same here. Just go to home depot and get a 6" lazy suzan for $4. Put some grip material ($2 rubber cabinet liner) on both sides to keep it from sliding around and to protect your surfaces and then you can spin away with your tablet pc in sbp and ps. Cables are the only issue so you can’t go too wild with the spinning but the lazy susan is an absolute lifesaver.

I have 2 Skinny. One at the office, one at home. They also sell a plastic for laptops-tablets at office stores.

Amen. I use a tablet and SBP. I draw & render everything in SBP but always use Photoshop for placing logos, layer effects, etc.

I’ve downloaded trials of Painter & have had no luck getting it to work properly on my tablet. Anyway, I think a combo of SBP & PS is all you need.

@ blaster701 - tasty stuff! Thanks for the link to your page - it’s nice to see how other people use SBP

I have a ton of sketches I’d like to post, but they’re all confidential still… I’ll keep looking around on my hard drive…


Right on! As soon as you have some SBpro to post, come join up!

I’ve tried both and found sketchbook pro to be a little lacking in feature set. I like the robustness of the brushes in painter and quick rotation of the canvas. You do have to set up ur own brushes in painter but it’s worth it once you get them right.

Painter + Cintiq 12" all the way! Intuous 3 sometimes.
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