alias sketchbook pro vs alias studiotools sketching app

can i learn the advanced sides of alias studiotools sketching app. against sketchbook pro? although i have not used alias studiotools some videos i have watched about its sketching capabilities impressed me very much.

SKpro is good for quick sketching …rendering…conceptulization

while AST is good at final rendering…although you can do some quick sketching there too…

Interface of SKpro is better than AST…

AST is nothing but a photoshop with color dispersion & pressure sensitive capability of SKpro…

AST - used in automobile design
SKpro - used in product design

Studiotools has some awesome functionality that I wish they could trickle into SB Pro, but still wrap with the new interface. The ability to snap to curves on 3D geometry, or use symmetry is awesome - especially for tight car renderings.

Studiotools biggest downfall is that the interface itself is old, fairly clunkly, and no where near as smooth and simple as SB Pro.

Everyone I work with has access to both tools, and no one ever choses Studio tools over SB Pro.

Have you used the snapshot feature of sketchbook pro (takes a screen cap of your screens and opens sketchbook)?

Is there a way to set it to only screen cap one monitor on dual displays?



I always use it. To my knowledge there is not a way to capture only one screen, but I’ll be honest I’ve never checked. I’m running multiple monitors and I find it’s just as easy for me to click the screen cap button, then click m to select what I want and quickly crop it down.

I know Alt+Print Screen will copy and paste just your active window to the clip board…that might help in some cases.

cool tip about al prt scr-- I didn’t know about that till now—