Alias screen shots

Is there a way to get a higher resolution shaded image from Alias? I’m doing a bunch of views for a presentation and just using screen shots of the model with shaders toggled on. In the past this has worked great but I’ve been asked to give them higher resolution images this time.

I don’t want to take time to render the thing 20 times.

Any suggestions?


If you crank the resolution really high on your monitor, maximize the window and then do the screen cap that would give you the highest res possible for a toggle shade.

If that’s not big enough I do have to wonder why they would need a toggle-render larger than 1600x1200. If a high quality render is what they are after you’re probably better off just rendering out the images one by one…

How high res are they wanting? And what are they going to be using the images for?

Because the model is pretty simple it seems like a lot of the edges are jagged-y

They want to project them in a powerpoint. They won’t pay for the time for real renderings. So, before I tell them no…I just wanted to see if there was a better resolution technique anyone was using.

I don’t have imagestudio, but have been thinking about getting it. How long does it take to “render” a model that is brought in with materials and shaders ready to go…user time that is, not machine time. And, I’m talking basic rendering, pretty much no better than the toggle shade but with higher out put.

If all they’re doing is keeping them “digital” (meaning no printouts) it shouldn’t matter that the res is only 1600x1200…you won’t be able to see more detail than that on screen (or projector) so it’s not necessary to give them higher res files. And if they DO want to print them out, 1600x1200 will give you a 10.7"x8" image at 150dpi…plenty good for most uses.

Not sure what you mean by "Because the model is pretty simple it seems like a lot of the edges are jagged-y " but you won’t get a super clean image from a toggle shade no matter the complexity of the model. That’s just the nature of the toggle-shade.


If your graphic card supports it, you might like to turn on Draw > Antialiasing in Shaded Draw in the General Preferences.

They are lots of caveats with this functionality so I wouldn’t recommand to keep on. Check the Studio Qualificatied Hardaware chart to see whether this is working on your system or not (Alias Software | Get Prices & Buy Alias 2023 | Autodesk).

There is an easy way to get high res screen grabs

Set up your view that you want to grab as large as possible in the modelling windows. Then click on the magnify glass icon which brings up a zoomed in version of your shot.

Screen grab this (print screen button, then paste into photshop). Move the magnify icon to another part of the shot. The screen grab this.

This will enable you to tile a whole bunch of zoomed in images,paste them into photoshop, enlarge canas size, and position them all to make one lareg res image.
There’s no real reason stopping you from getting a huge 6000*6000 pixel image out of it in either perspective or ortho views.


that exaclty what i have done as well.

if your using V12
-enable anti-aliasing in the general preferences > draw.
-toggle on smooth with surfaces checked on in the option box.

also go to full screen mode to get the maximum amount of real estate.

“print screen” away.