Alias reflection mapping

So i’ve came by this sweet shader for alias on the alias design website for chorme, in it they use a ball reflection and for their image file to reflect they have an imaged mapped over a ball, my question is does anyone know how to replicate this so I can change the reflected image to something i choose?

Are you talking about HDRI?

You can change the reflection map in the environment section of the hypershade. Alias comes with some preset shaders and environments, but you can customize your own.

If it says under the reflection box you have to go to File->File References->Extract to extra the HDR image and allow you to change the map.

Are you using a shader with a reflection map under reflected color, or using an environmental shader for lighting?

If you are using a reflection map on a shader, it’s pretty easy to tweak. Click on the icon to add a map, go to ball environment under textures. In the ball environment, you will load your photo into the “file” space. You can also add a color remap to take out most of the color. This will give more of a studio look to the chrome (more white and black rather than colors). You do need a spherical image if you want to add your own.