Alias problems, Square, can't change continuity

Hi! Trying to learn Alias for a school class but I ran into some problems last night with the tool “Square”. All of the sudden I can’t change the continuity for the sides of the surface I’m trying to create. After I have selected the curves and surfaces I’m trying to build the surface on a click the “Free” button, nothing happens. It flashes blue and that’s it! Am I missing something? Or have I managed to screw up some setting?

I took a screenshot, I first created the surface to the left, then the 3 additional curves to the right and aligned, curve 2 and 4 with G2 Curvature to the surface. Shouldn’t I be able to create the new surface with G2 tangensy to the old surface with Square?


When you selected edge 1 did you select a curve? Or did you select the edge of the surface?

I think either way this is a bug. Do you have the same issue in other tools such as rail?

Hi, yes I selected the surface. Hopefully a bug then, will try to re-install Alias and see if that helps