Alias Newbie question

I’ve download the Alias Surface 2012 Trial version and I’m somewhat stuck in the interface.

There are a few issues I have right off the bat, and I know there are quite a few fellow ID’s here that are Alias users.

First off, it seems for some reason that when I try to bring up the Preferences>Selection options nothing happens.

Second, How do you drop a tool in Alias - for instance, I’m drawing a multiple point spline and to finish the spline - what do you do to finish it? Is there any concept of “Select none” in Alias or is it always focused on a command.

thanks in advance.


1: You need to pick the little black box next to “selection”. Yes - this is ridiculous (that clicking the menu can be done yet invoke nothing) but its one of those “hey were stuck in the IRIX” era issues that just grows on you.

2: Using your marking menu-left click you “pick nothing”. This will deselect everything, the tool should remain invoked however. It will always stay on a command until you invoke a new one.If you want to clear a tool, the mentally easiest way to do it is to just invoke “Pick object” so that you are ready to select another object.