alias metalic surface rendering

hi, I got some qs for all of you alias experts here.
I thank you all for the answers in advance!

So. I am doing some electronics… trying to do metalic surface and chrome
parts… I tried some shaders with texture stuff with alias…
but it just did not look good.
any suggestions and know-hows?

depending on what version of alias you’re running, there are some pretty good resident shaders. Go to your control panel, the thing on right side, and set it to Visualize mode. Then use the preset environments and metallic paint shaders.

to get the chrome to look hot in Alias you really need to create an environment outside you model. For example map an image into a nurbs globe that surrounds your model that projects the colors inward onto your chrome. try to use some of the colors that you find in your model and add some flesh tones.

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Try checking this out:

Play with adding a specular map.

Also see:

And, though it is shameless self-promotion on my part, see the link in my sig below: