Alias Install

Can somebody help me out with installing a ‘copy’ of alias 9.7?

The cd had these notes that I cannot figure out:

execute ‘lmutil lmhostid -vsn’
write down the diskserial
open license and replace 0 with your diserial
run crypt.bat
put aw.dat into c:\flexlm and set your lm_license_file var
to c:\flexlm\aw.dat

Thanks Mucho…starving student needs help!!!

the usual thing, it always sucks, doesn’t it? i always have to push my younger borther to help me when i have to install alias, hes the computer wiz, the little bugger.

installing stolen software can be a biotch. ya’d think ALIAS would make it easier for people to steal their shiz.

Sorry…probably not gonna’ get a lot of help here installing cracked software!

Why are you still running Alias 9.7? You can buy a Student license for StudioTools 12 for under $100. But if you are still having problems with your cracked copy, you should try calling Alias tech support, I’m sure they’d be happy to help you.

Let him install that one. It got a virus in it! :smiling_imp: