Alias Imagestudio floor reflections

I have my floor reflection set to 10% with skylight lighting/environment. For some reason, at the bottom of my image, a dark block is reflected into the floor and interfering with the reflection of the model. How can i get rid of this without compromising the angle of my view or the reflection of the model?

Can you post an image to show what’s happening?

with out seeing an image its hard to guess but my instinct is that your seeing the reflection of the skylight. is the skylight intensity fairly low? if the intensity is high, the relfection will probably appear as a light block. is this true?

this is pretty tough to work around, but this is what i would try
-set the intensity of the skylight so the brightness matches the reflection value(this is a visual correction) then adjust the scene brightness with the size of the skylight. smaller size = less light.


increase or decrease the size of the skylight so the edge is not visible. then adjust the intensity for the overall scene lighting. big size skylight = more diffused lighting.