Alias Image Studio: Decal question

Hey guys,

I’m a Rhino/Lightwave/Max driver, and I can’t quite get the decal thing right in Image Studio.

What I’m trying to do is very simple, I just want to knock off the back ground of my decal so only the logo appears. I was able to get transparent back ground using TIFF at CMYK setting, but my logo color changes for some reason. Red logo became light blue… bah.

What exactly do I need to do in Photoshop to prepare decals with transparent background for this proggy to read it correctly?

Thanks in advance,

long time now but i created a negative in the shader back when i used Alias. a stencil. both positive and negative were in the same shader. might try that.

i’ve had the same problem with a CMYK logo screwing up the main logo color. eventually, i converted the logo to vector and created surfaces out of it in a 3D program (it was a simple logo shape). then, import the logo surface as a model in image studio and apply rendering color directly to it.

Thanks for the replies, but I finally figured it out with a UI guy in the office.

The way we did it is saving the file as TIFF, in RGB mode. We created an alpha channel and knocked out the main image (in my case, the logo) from that channel.

I hope if anyone else is having difficulties, this helps.

All I usually do is:

  • Save As… tiff
  • select ‘preserve transparency’
  • save

You can make masks etc., but the option is provided right there in the tiff options, as long as you have a blank background in photoshop