Alias Image Studio and Mac...

I realize that Autodesk has stopped making Image Studio but still had a question since it is still the rendering program I am using. I have a Mac Book Pro and have partitioned the hard drive so I am able to run both the Mac and a PC.

My question is when I go to render (either Test or Final) in Image Studio it tells me the automatic image update has been stopped, yet I have not hit the ESC button. Is there something with the Mac keyboard that is automatically stopping the render? Meaning, how can I get the render to go through, if the program thinks I am hitting the ESC key to stop the render?

Any helpful hints/thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

It’s been years since I’ve used IS…but from what I remembered the automatic image refreshing used to stop all the time after the scene got beyond a certain level of complexity that the machine couldn’t handle, but would still output images fine.

Don’t think it would be a keyboard issue, windows still sees ESC as ESC. Unless the key is stuck or damaged…

As I recall, once you start a baked render, the realtime renderer stops. No sense in the machine doing double duty as both processes are processor based.

Hey Brett, what is a baked render? Not sure what that means, I just didnt know if it had something to do with the Mac Keyboard itself. Given, I’ve had other issues using other programs like Pro/E and not being able to hit the delete button on the keyboard (program doesnt recognize it) and you have to go into the menu ‘edit’ area to do so. Thanks for the help though, I’ll keep trying…

disregard that comment. I forgot Image Studio doesn’t res up like hypershot. “baked” just means a proper rendering, as opposed to a screen cap type render like HS uses.

you should look into getting a key remapper for your mac. there’s a few free ones out there that will let you assign some mac keys to windows functions.

mvostal - I think you can hit cmd + delete or something like that.

Actually, I think it is Fn + delete.

Hey Epic,

Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately that didnt work. Maybe its probably time for me to move to another rendering package beyond the ones that come with certain program. However I was hopeful I could get this to work since it does provide fast, quality renderings for what I need it for.

I’ve tried almost every key and dont understand why as soon as I hit the render button, it automatically stops! Thanks for the suggestions though…if anyone else could help I’d really appreciate it.

I’d be changing engines sooner rather than later. It’s been obsolete for a while now, and without updates you’re just delaying the inevitable by continued use…
I used I.S. a while back but moved on. Fryrender, Modo and a couple of other quiality renderers have dedicated mac OSX support.