Alias help!

How do I create 2 curves that are tangent to each other at the intersecting point? I am allowed to use up to 5th degree curves. Thx.

isn’t there an “Align” option? either under curve tools or object tools? been too long to recall the specifics. if all you want is tangency might use 3-deg instead of 5. only need two CV’s on the curve.

object edit
align (click the options box)

you can change whether it has 1 or 2 degree tangency by turning the curvature option on or off…

click on the first curve to be modified, and when you click on the second curve, it will modify the first to be tangent to the second…



Ok, my instructor gave us his version. I untrimmed a continous surface and it’s made up of 3 surfaces by over building and trimming. Which means, the point of intersection is tangent but the curve extends beyond that.

I will try the align tool first then. Thx!