Alias Direct Modeling Webinar

just thought I would let everyone know that I will be presenting at the Alias Web User Group Webinar TODAY.
Im going to show modeling the Magic Mouse by CV pulling and everything but the kitchen sink for set-up, modeling, and evaluation.
you will definitely walk away with atleast a few techniques that you can immediately use.

We can keep the discussion going for questions and follow up here …or if you want to see anything in particular that i can sneak into the presentation.

TODAY 11/12/09
register here to get the meeting link.


direct modeling is on modeling techniqe that can’t be done in Pro/ENGINEER …

whats up Design-Engine. did you join the webinar?

can you clarify…
Are you saying that Pro-E cant push and pull control points?
you cant use direct modeling techniques when going into Pro-E ?

hey evangelist, is there somewhere we can watch this if we missed the webinar?

I liked the webinar, it showed off some nice modeling, it was my first one I joined from TATA and I think I’ll join again for the next one! :slight_smile:

no… proe can push and pull on internal CV’s just fine. As a matter of fact we can do so and still maintain history. In Alias we have to brake construction history. Like direct modeling techniques in Alias we rebuild a 3 degree curve to a five or seven degree curve in order to manipulate a cube to become a hotwheels car… direct modeling technique 101. We just can’t rebuild curves in Pro/E to a higher order. We can however display isoparms … new in Wildfire 4.0.

… and i am teaching a class all week so can not dip out to see webinar. Is it recorded anywhere? Besides i seen Symbol Technologies do direct modeling techniques in both London and NYC… and now we teach those techniques in Alias at design engine. Always up to learn however… so if you have a saved recording?

Represent! :wink:

I caught the first half or so, was good to understand the functionality of the new symmetric modelling tool, but after that everything seemed to be pretty much par for the course so I bowed out. Definately useful for people who think that everything needs to be generated from a curve though.

Same question than Jameg and Bart : do you have a saved recording and do you plan to make it available ?

Glad that it was useful. yeah it was mainly to show some of the techniques that you can incorporate instead of doing everything with curves.

We will posting it shortly. I have not seen the recording yet, so my fingers are crossed that it turned out good. Ill definitely let you know as soon as its posted.

this was the list that i wanted to touch upon during the webinar. 45 mins was just enough time to explain and build on the fly. could have used some more to get into direct modeling patches.

-1:1 calibration to View model actual size
-CANVAS PLANES help for reference images.

  • KEYPOINT curves as reference curves for size. use INFO window to make adjustments.
    -CURVE CURVATURE locator helps see when you achieve G3 curvature.look for a roller coaster spline shape.
    -**Center mouse button with SHIFT to replace the selection while in transform tools
    -Use the CV MOVE tool to make adjustments with Slide, NUV, Project and XYZ.
    -SYMMETRICAL MODELING works with layer symmetry planes.
    -Double side option for DRAFT is great for initial surface across center line.
    -CV walk with CTRL + arrowkeys
    -NON-PROPORTIONAL scale window to see cvs next to each other.
    -OFFSET can help exaggerate CVs position.
    -Use SURFACE FILLET to create fillets that dont require intersect and trim.