OK, Alias Studio is just way too expensive, so I’m considering its ugly cousin, pricewise, Design Studio.

Is this program worth the price?

P.S. Any Alias/Rhino experts in the NYC willing to train me (on-site in Northern NJ) if and when I do get this? Better pay you than these places that are so expensive. Besides, I can find any place that teaches Alias.

You may need to call Autodesk and see if they have a specific feature comparison between Design Studio and the more full fledged packages.

They have a basic comparison, which pretty much states that Design studio is good for basic rendering and modelling, but not so much producing the same high quality surfaces that the others are capable of. Having never used design studio I’ve heard it’s missing some of the more powerful surfacing tools like the Square function.

It’s hard to say which would be better, and it might come down to what you decide your use case is. Do you need class A surfacing capabilities? Do you expect just to be making pretty renderings and some rapid prototypes to send off to an engineer or manufacturer to rebuild your 3D data?

Does Alias do a 1 year subscription license for Auto Studio thats cheaper than the full package? I don’t know offhand how their pricing structure works for non students.

While I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, I have a pretty solid knowledge of Alias and Rhino (though I haven’t used Rhino in almost 6 months after switching to Alias, so I’m sure a good bit of that has rusted away) but I’m on Long Island and might be willing to give some informal lessons/help. If you’re interested shoot me a PM.

I may take upon the opportunity to learn from you. Where in Long Island?

I guess for my purposes Design Studio may be enough: generating great ideas in 3D with excellent renderings to communicate to clients. Then, have the design(s) sent to AutoCAD via IGES, etc.

Design Studio + Maintenance would cost me around $5,700.

here’s a free version. Not sure what’s different besides a few missing features and the watermark…

Thanks for the link!