Alias/Cobalt/Solidworks tutor needed

Does anyone know any of these programs and lives near Washington DC or Philly or New York? Name your wages.
thank you

if u don’t find one…

try this tutorials

they are not bad…

we use cobalt at school… but i live in swizterland… so… but i’m trying to help anytime.


I would be happy to help you with Alias. The only catch is that I live in Boston.

and if you ever feel like going (mid)west, young man, then shoot me a line…

checked out the alias learning stuff they push on their store? some of it isn’t so bad depending on your skill level and goals.

I could do a weekend seminar (12 hrs) for Cobalt for about $400. I am far away but I have a friend that just moved and I would be happy to plan a visit.

The $400 would basically cover travel expenses.


I live in jersey and can help you with solidworks