Alias Autostudio Student Bundle

Hello all,
Before I begin, I am recently joined this community and like to say it is awesome.
I know there are lots of topic questions and answers about different design software in this community. I am not going to ask which one is better than other or which is more capable. I have some questions about Alias Autostudio only. Here I go:

  1. In the online student stores, I found Alias Autostudio 12. It was one hundred something dollars and there was no information about the licencing. There is no useful information in Alias’ website either. When you click to see what are the options for the licencing, the site directs you to those online stores. My question is this: Did anyone buy Alias Autostudio 12 before?

  2. If yes, is it 12 month licence?

  3. Do I need to buy any software for Autostudio as a base (such as Alias Studio) or is it a standalone application?

  4. If it has 12 month licence, is it renewable?

Thank you in advance.
Talk to you later… :laughing:

It’s a 12 month temporary license. The information is on the product page, 1st item under “includes”.

To extend you can simply buy another 12 month temporary license when yours expire.

Thank you very much for your help. I checked out the links that you provided. I believe they are not the stuff I would like to learn. Here, I included a link that might be helpful where I am confused.

As you could see, there is a notice indicating Studio 12 is 12 monts licence, but Autotools 12 has nothing. Moreover, they are all the same in other Educational Software retailers. Interesting.

Any idea?

Thank you very much again!

You best bet would be to contact Studica and/or Alias and ask them directly.

I sent an e-mail to both almost two weeks ago. They have not answered yet. Funny huh?
I could not get any answer so, I decided to ask you guys.
Anyway, thank you though.