Alias Automotive Snap on cuve precision / tolerance

Hi there,

I encounter an odd behavior in Alias Automotive.

When I snap onto a curve the CV is palced not onto the curve but more next to the curve and this of course afterwards produces issues with the surfacing tools telling me the profile curves do not intersect.

Here is a screenshot and as you can see left all snaps fine but zoomed in right shows you it is NOT on the curve.

Any idea or explanation?

First make sure your draw precision is set to 1, the default is .5

Second, what are your tolerance settings? You may just need to bump them down to what ever is appropriate for your work.

This happens all the time, the only reason you don’t notice it is because normally it can figure out how to build the surface with the tolerance mismatch. Your tolerance settings will control how tightly that happens, but often your draw precision is set low which means your curves are only representative of the actual math, and by increasing the curve precision it goes away.