Alias...and four years worth of portfolio work

Well, my two cracked copies of Alias stopped working the other night, and now I’m at a loss about what to do about working (and re-working) four years worth of University work done largely in Alias. What are my options? I still liked to use Alias for quick form studies and for grayscale forms on top of which I would quickly overlay & sketch different surface treatments, which would usually then be rendered quickly in Illustrator / Photoshop for some side freelance work. How are individuals supposed to afford Alias after school? And if I can’t get my cracked copies to work again, how am I ever going to get access to the gigs of .wire files that clutter my harddrive(s)? Can I buy Version 10 licenses at a discount? What is a Pirate Captain to do?



Take some of that freelance money you made of the warez and buy Alias DesignTools for the $3000 you should have paid in the beginning instead of buying junk you didn’t need?

Except that after four years of school my net worth is -$140K and compounding! Honestly, is Alias $3K? And, that stops working after one year right, so it does seem like a swell investment!


it is wrong to make money with hyjacked software, but for a portfolio?

there are people around that can get you the software… such as autostudio for 45 geeks

Post an innocent note about trying to learn the software with your real address and people will contact you

DesignTools is $3k. It’s not student software and doesn’t expire. Prices dropped a long time ago.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for you or something?

Those designs are finished. Done.

Time to move on to new concepts.

(Employers know that student work is developmental and take that in consideration when looking at it.)

In fact, I would like for you to feel so sorry for me that you will buy me a copy of Alias. Now that would make me feel better!