Alias 9.7

Looks ancient! Where can I find the “control panel” that has all the tessellator options as well as a complete layout of all the functions?

I’ve tried the “find function” tool but can’t find anything.

no control panel with 9.7 - if you want something similar, try creating shelves in the same place (!)
by tessellator options, do you mean the diagnostic shading? - this is found on the top menus (display or control I think - not got Alias on this machine).
Control panel does not have all functions btw (unless you spent time putting them there) - but they are all present in the palette.


What about the option of switch on CVs and change curve degree?

Also, it seems that I can only use up to 3rd degree curves. When I double click on the ed pt curve tool, it only offered 1st and 3rd curve.