Alias 2011 New Release

Just wanted to open up a discussion about the latest Autodesk Alias 2011 Releases. Im sure you will see news and buzz over the next few weeks/months. Feel free to ask questions and comments.

Alias Design for Inventor - Alias Design technologies now available within Autodesk Inventor.

The Hot Stuff in Alias.
-UI consistency and look.
-Productivity gains everywhere. Offset, Ambient Occlusion, POI, Camera tools, Anit-aliasing, + more
-NEW Face Selection, Add selection and re-mappable mouse button options.
-NEW G3 continuity
-NEW Pedestrian Protection evaluation
-NEW Fit curve workflows
-NEW cross section editor
-NEW Alias Design now has Symmetrical modeling history
-NEW network license borrowing


yeah cool, right?

once installed, there is a Alias tab in Inventor. This unlocks (up up down down left right left right A B A B select start) the ability to make Freeform edits and modeling… history free i might add, to the model.

it also supports the Wacom tablet! remember “I love Sketch” ? you’ll see some curve editing workflows very similar. HOT!

You got the Iheartsketch interface in Alias? if so…jealous…

i would not say “You got the Iheartsketch interface in Alias…” exactly.

Alias Design for Inventor is your first glimpse of this type of interaction in a production software. You literally can modify and sculpt 3D curves and surface edges with a tablet or mouse strokes. Cool.

Check it out. this shows mainly the point controls but you can literary sketch the changes.

pretty sure they are available on the subscription site… dont qoute me though… i dont have an easy way to verify.

Yup there it is. Will see if I can even play with it, I think we have to redo our network licensing before this will work.

Hmm…even though I told it to import my old preferences it didn’t seem to copy any of my hot keys.

Hey Evangelist,

Have you seen Sketchbook Mobile on an iPad yet? This seems like it would be killer.

I have not… but 2 iPads arrive this weekend. Finally a real sketchbook :slight_smile:

Did you guys/gals see that SBM is one of the softwares loaded on the hardware in Apples stores? How cool is that!!!

Cool. SBM deserves it.

THIS JUST IN. Apple has officially opened the App store for the ipad.

bummer no Sketchbook mobile…
Sketchbook Pro for the ipad

Whats that? You want to send me a free sample?

How gracious. :mrgreen:

wha wha wha! So SBP is a full program on the iPad? Sweet.

i think yes… but i’m not sure yet.

define “full program” LOL…

Sketchbook Pro for iPad still has to use OSx and the UI elements similar to the Mobile version… but it has the additional features that can only be found in the desktop version. check it out in the itunes store.

I did not mention it in the original post, but there have been some press releases that also listed a new Alias family member. Alias Sketch (Hybrid Paint and Vector). official announcement coming soon…

If this is like Illustrator and Photoshop combined in one package with only the bits needed for ID, and without the bloat of those apps, then this is potentially massive news!

snicker :wink: