Alias 13 is out

Looks promising.

Yeah, got an email about this…looks like they’ve made some interesting improvements. Will be interesting to see where Autodesk will take this.

hey people,
I have Alias on my PC and I have only used it for modelling. I only realized last night that I can use it for sketching aswell! This is great but I was trying to work out how to use it last night and is there anyway so that when you draw a line you can see it as your drawing it. At the moment when I push the mouse button and move the curser to draw a line I cant see what I have drawn until I have let go of the mouse button.

The other thing is when using Alias sketching feature to get good images do you really need to use a mouse pen, not a regular mouse?

If you could help me out here I would most appreciate it.
Thank you.

Yeah, you really need to use a tablet and pen. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to get the ‘feel’ for it with a regular mouse.

Thanks for that. I plan on buying a Tablet and a Pen as soon as possible. I am really keen to get good with Alias. It seems like a very effective and usefull tool.

Any ideas about why I cant see what I am drawing while I am drawing it? Or is this just the way Alias works?

Graphics card problems, most likely. ST is very picky about the card (you basically need a Quadro to run it bug-free).

I have an intel graphics card i think (if I am looking at the right thing). Everything else seems to work ok on Alias its just this (not being able to see the lines I draw until I finished drawing the line) and it is so annoying me now. Could it be because it is a copied version of Alias?

About getting a tablet and pen, any suggestions on what I should look for? I want a good one.

Thanks for your help.

3D applications such as the StudioTools are only qualified to run on qualified OpenGL hardware ( It might somewhat run on other systems but at your own risks.

Tablet >

“Intel Integrated Graphics” aren’t exactly high-end. I’m not sure how much OpenGL they support, since they’re basically low-end consumer cards, designed to get an image on the screen and not much else.

If you’re serious about using Studio, do yourself a favor and at lesat get a separate card from ATI or nVidia. A RADEON x800 or GeForce 6800, while designed for gaming, are both excellent cards that’ll handle what you want. And the GF 6800 Ultra can be turned into a Quadro, one of the two “officially qualified” cards.

How can you turn the GF 6800 into a Quadro? With a driver?

For a tablet get a WACOM INTUOS 3 tablet… I tried out my co-workers and loved it… So much that I went and got one for myself…