Alfa Romeo project

Hey Everyone,

This is a project I did back in '07. Our studio was sponsored by Fiat for the “Design the Italian Way” competition and this was my entry. I recently reworked the project and decided to re-introduce it into my folio in light of the renewed interest in the Alfa Romeo marque (with the Duettotanta and Pandion concepts coming out).

Alfa had very nice things to say about my entry and I think they may have even been inspired by it for parts of the Duettotanta!

I’d like to know if the portfolio efficiently communicates the design goals and if you guys see it as a viable future offering from Alfa, in terms of product placement and design aesthetic.

View the full project here:

Personally, I’m a huge Alfa fan. Overal, I think your exteriors are working well with the brand, maybe a touch to complicated and angular for my personal taste (I’m in more of the Alfa 8c as being the perfect modern interpretation of the brand). I see were you are drawing from on the interiors in terms of the classic double gauge cluster that most classic Alfas have, but it the overal interior feels perhaps a notch too fussy.

These are pretty subjective feelings though. Overall, your sketches are looking really nice. One nice thing to push them would be to use warm and cool push and pull the color, i.e. use a warmer, more orange/yellow red on the closer surface, and a cooler red with a bit of blue in it on the surfaces facing away from the eye.

also, really digging the top 2 sketches toward the center of the first page.

Great sketches, did you get to any 3D geometry? Curious to see how some of the transitions would play out.