ALFA ROMEO - brainstorming

hey ppl,

first thread here , just wanted to show some of my very rough brainstorming phase for a new alfa design :slight_smile:

regards , max

i started to sketch with fineliners a week ago or so - liking it so far since since it forces me to keep the drawing more linear and doesnt make me start shading the sketch which easily messes these fineliner sketches up .

what do you think ?


Interesting details going on… one of my pet peeves is sketches that are not scanned. The poor image quality is just killing a lot these sketches. When you use the marker more sparingly, it is more successful. The color marker sketches are getting muddy. I like that. Everything has a super angular, BMW feel, might be good to look at some of the Alpha 8c and Mitoo form language. I like what you are doing with tying the headlamps into the double gril into the badge grill. That could be cool in real life as long as it isn’t too open. A color insert could be designed to fill much of it and then have openings within.

first of all : glad you like it !

yeah , my alfas look very bmw-ish - kinda influenced by bmw’s m1 hommage .
i dont know if that is good considering my actual intent was to think of a new alfa design ?

quality : i do not own an A3 scanner , but i will try to make photos in daylight in the future to ensure a more even lighting . The already posted pics were actually shot under my desk lamp =)

regards, max