Aldults come in! tough decision!

Recently received 5offers of Design and Art school in US, excited but hesitated, now its came to decide which one I should go. sincerely, I want some ideas。

  1. Academy of art university photography
  2. Illinois Institute of Technology Mdes/MBA 30% tuition waived design management
  3. California College of the arts MFA-photography san Francisco
  4. Claremont Graduate University Photography/arts and culture management 5.Parsons some scholarship photography (grad)

AAU is definitely an “ungo”, and the reason I applied for IIT is because their design management is considered to be pretty advanced, although the city is not my favorite.
CCA is a good liberal arts school as I know; the faculty told me they only recruit 9 students this year. And San Francisco is absolutely a chilled place to stay in. get the sun-tanned. Btw their new graduate center looks cool, and will get a studio in there.
Claremont, I don’t have much impression about it , close to LA, a city full of trees and PhDs, (that’s what write on their website, funny), and according to the faculty, I receive some scholarship from the management program, still haven’t know how much, the package hasn’t arrived yet.

Parsons is the last one to come, but should have arrived earlier, they told me they mailed it in February, The FedEx sucks! I guess there must be tons of reasons to be in NY, but does it really fit me ?

The thing is as an international student from Asian, it’s impossible for me to visit all schools, and I don’t think the division head will give me the “honest” answers I wanted.