airport seating ergonomics / anthropometrics

i am currently designing some airport seating at my work.

im looking to make a chair profile that has a (moderately) angled seat and back so the pressure is taken off your bum.

however i cannot find any anthropometric dimensions to base the profile shape of off for this type of chair…ex. lumbar support height, back angle, seat angle…etc…

does anyone know where i can find such data???

Finding anthropometric measurements specifically for airport seating is kind of niche. I’m pretty sure that you can base a few of your dimensions from normal anthropometric data for a chair.

Did you checked this out?

From a book called “Body space. anthropometry, ergonomics, and the design of work” by Stephen Pheasant. My ergo prof said to get it and I didnt know if I should or not. I bought it, and have referenced this book more times than any other book I own.

you may be able to find some data on, or from the Herman miller eamse air port seating. You see it all over, so you could also measure it.

airport seating is like side chair seating, but there is a bit more rake in the seat towards teh rear. iirc, it’s 5-10 degrees. the rear shouldn’t be as low as lounge seating, but it’s in the middle between the two.

Are you sure the brief is to design a comfortable chair that people can sit in for extended periods of time?

The new terminal at Heathrow has only ~200 chairs for millions of people to use every year - the key reason being BAA makes most of their money from the duty free shopping, and people wont shop if they have a comfortable place to sit. So I imagine the chairs were selected specifically to be uncomfortable for anything other than a brief break.

Bring the hate! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: