AIRmax 95

these are a couple of thumbs I did lastnight. wanted to post. I think I am going to do a lil side project on this shoe. will post more soon. also did a painting based on this shoe’s foot step mark.

no story or concept yet.



Nice sketches… but watch those 3 stripes if your playing them off as Nike. Looks a bit more like Adidas. Nice concepts though.

Sweet mm, on vacay right now, I’ll get back to you with more next week. I’m going to pass this on to the guy that designed the '95. I think he’ll like it.

man- its been a min. vacation huh…with all your doing it betta be good,

I have some more I did last night. i think more conceptual. will have them up this weekend… i think you will like…


here are some more loose thumbs- over thanksgiving gonna try an get something pulled together. (was in some of them sketching just with a sharpie…an became a lil unforgiving…but it is what it is…just a sketch)

thoughts on a direction liked or not liked?




cool stuff, i really like the ones with the slanted graphics, not feeling the ones with ovals save for the ones right beneath the text those look mighty hot though i can not see them as ams.

look forward to seeing what you decide on


thanks for the comments-

Me, myself am having some problems trying to guess which ones your talking about- so went in an put in numbers. ( I need to get used to numbering the sketches when posting) for the sketches in my 1st post I think is more clear an those are not numbered.

if you could make comments using the numbers would help me out- thanks appreciate your crit.

when you say something like you cant see them as ams…if you would tell me why also that would help me push it further also.

J-bro- I also saw some of your shoe sketches in another section of the forum ( I think it was sketching section)- why not toss some of them in footwear? would be nice to get the sketching posts running again in here…



dygitalvision, I think the ones that have some potential in my view point are 6 (the lighter ones) and 12. These two look like they allow for major possibilites of newer materials and not the same old materials used on current nikes. They also seem to be a very unique look to your style and I think the other concept sketches are great, but they look to much like traditional cross trainers (nike or addidas). Hope this helps a little and hopefully we can see some further elaboration on the 6 and 12 sketches. Looking forward to it!


Sweet explorations man. My only comments are, this is air MAX. It would be cool to play up the air more. Esp in light of some stuff about to drop that you’ve probably seen on Nike talk and



more max air coming up…


will further explore those two concepts-along with new materials



6, 9, 11, & 15 are the ones a was refering to, the ones i that i liked but did not quite see the am in 'em are ironically the only ones not numbered

as for the degree of “airmaxness” i do really know how to define it…i think airmaxes have always had this techy gaudiness about them you know a look at me quality? and i second yo’s comment it was one of the reasons i initially asked what gen air max you thought you might want to do, have you seen the am360?

are you just go to do sketches? or do you plan to end with a somewhat polished idea? i dunno i might join you in this endeavor, it could be a good topic for a sketch session, who does not have have their own idea of what an am is/could be


I have seen the am360-wasn’t too crazy about the uppers, a lil too much on top of too much going on I think. But the midsole- and being able to see the air-the all views was interesting- but isnt going to be flexible.

The generation of airmax I am going to do- will be like 80% new- a new look an style but also keep what I think to be key subtle design aspects of the original. I have another set of sketches I will scan in that have more to do with the function/ tech aspect.

I plan on doing a shyt load of thumbs then zero in- I am thinking this will be another 2-3 weeks before I have something polished. (computer renderings)

But jumnp in- would be nice to see what others thoughts are. post anything…


sure you’ve seen this:

these are some more thumbs- I still haven’t solved what I will be doing wth the air. I am using a DRI-FIT material- this will take moisture away from the skin for greater comfort. The wraps are a stretch material.

what I want to explore-(some of these thoughst are in the idea splash section) I want to add weight to the shoe. This might sound wrong for a shoe all about air, and light weight but I think this is how I can change it and make it better. I want to add weight or more like resistance. I look at this concept like what is seen in training when athletes add ankle weights or use a parachute to add resistance while they run so that they train muscles that normally wouldnt be used to such a level of activity. This also can be seen with boxers by training in the water. so I thought of how I could design a shoe that remains true to the Max- but also could be adjusted by the user so that it adds resistance while they train.

so my first idea was sand. If i was to have sandbags-thin/ and the bags wouldnt be filled to capacity so that if would be flexible. these sandbags would be inserted over the lace area of the shoe- and would be placed inside cavitys within the stripe wraps. then after it is placed in the strap the opening would be velcrowed shut. they could be bought with higher weight amounts- but it would add some some weight snough to be noticable but not going so much to make it irritate the user.


I am still exploring

J-bro you gonna get down with some thumbs?



nice work Mark, thery are really coming along but i have to pose a question…is there a reason/ performance benefit/ innovation/ consumer segment etc behind what you are doing? I really like alot of your work but (this is not directed at you) I see alot of people putting of sketches etc (usually having to do with Jordan or BB) that dont seem to have any reason for being. For those of you not working professionally, there is ALWAYS a product brief outlining who you consumer is, what segment you are aiming for, competitors products and features and benefits to the user that you need to hvae along with a target price and more. Its not too often that we get to do a styling exercise for the hell of it (although thats not so say that it never happens)

I hope this helps some of you when you are designing and sketching here and for real…

thanks D

to respond-

I have not fully put this on as a project, this is kind of my fun inclass or when I have a break at school. I would like to take it to another step and make it something with “purpose.” that was how this started. in the last couple of days have thought of it and yes have broken it into what you have explained below.

on side note- I don’t get a memo we get a meetings and the trends and target markets tec. are presented. from there the line builders from the different departments let me know what they need. I have never been given a sheet of paper with all this in written breakdown- mainly just seen on boards.

for this sketch/ session project:

the problem:
trainers can work out with weights and train in water pools or with parachutes, but for those who want to have that level of training but can afford those techniques how can they still reach that level?

to design a lightweight medium support shoe for training where you can adjust and add weight to for added work out

these are images of weights used now:

to have atheletes train in a shoe that gives them options on how they will work there muscles.

For Nike this is a chance to give a trainer a chance to work there feet and leg mucsles much like how they would work there upper body- by adding weight-resistance.

reebok has the weights as a detachable unit!sf!1705&ocm=

adidas- smart shoe

target audience:


  • 15-24-high school-college athletes working on there game who want the edge and want to build there strength

+nationwide- push to high school kids- tv-print ads also have a event in large cities nation wide- promote

+have money but still are not rich- middle class -working class looking for an affordable way to train save MONEY on equipment

media patterns-print-commercials-coming into the schools to educate.

buying/ using patterns- buy a new shoe before every season begins, has a shoe to play in and a training shoe. uses the products intensively. always looking for a way to become a better athlete and take his or her game to another level will do anything to do that.

the product/ service:
expensive, good quality, will help in making your muscles stronger, futuristic, not enough support, not very innovative, just for runners, could be harmful to add weight to my foot while I am running, wont help me that much

2- reality
(will need to have tested the samples to make statement)

was just having a lil fun with this…something other than the stuff doing at work thats all.


this is some more things with pool training:

The Pool Workout Station provides you with a safe way to exercise without risking injury or trauma to your body’s vital joints. Proven to provide physical rehabilitation faster than land-based exercise equipment.

Designed to use the water’s resistance to help you work all of your muscle groups with impact-free exercises.

Provides you with a Safe way to exercise without risking injury or trauma to your body’s vital joints.

Proven to provide Physical Rehabilitation faster than land-based exercise equipment.

Burns calories

Builds endurance, and Strengthen Muscles

Benefits your Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems

Affordable, Durable, Lightweight, & Portable

Easy Installation

Lightweight & Portable

I want to bring these characteristics to the MAX. I mean the Air MAX was for runners originally but what if if could also be used to aid in strengthening and rehabilitation…that would be something new.


hey mark you’re work is great as usual but i’m just worried that you’re giving away too much information here! seriously i wouldn’t be sticking all this info about a “non-existing” concept on the internet.

i think it’s good that you’re sharing your work and talent with everyone but don’t give it all away so easily.

As the saying goes, Motzart could tell you exactly how he writes a symphony, and you still wouldn’t be able to do it the same way.

You right Jelena to be cautous, but I think he’s OK.

thanks guys-

will have my final round of concepts coming in next couple of days.

people can take what they would like,

I read somewhere that …

if you share your ideas, you are forced to come up with new ideas. and by sharing you grow and learn. (wouldn’t share ideas that are tied with work- just solely my thoughts)